I am a Gardener

How cool would it be to walk out your front door and across the street to your garden to pick some food for your dinner? PRETTY DARN COOL! This site was built with all of you garden-less gardeners in mind. As one who lives in an apartment and continues to wait (patiently?) for her p-patch, I totally dig the need to get your hands in the dirt and grow.

A few things to consider before getting started:

Lots. Here are a few things we’ve learned.

Location, Location, Location

In a perfect world, we’d all find neighbors in our own ‘backyards’ to collaborate with. One of the beautiful things about this matching site is the ability to minimize our overall carbon footprint. You’re not going to succeed in doing that if you live in Ballard and drive down to Georgetown every day to garden. Please be conscious and considerate of your location and elect to work in gardens locally. See someone in your neighborhood with a bomb diggity spot to grow food? Write them a note! Leave them your phone number! Grow community. Grow your food.

Sun & Water

Two of the most important issues for growing food at home, but you should already know that. I'll leave it at that.

Garden Expectations

Growing food is one thing. Growing food on another person’s property is a whole other ball game. It’s important to be honest and clear about your experience and expectations. Think you’re going to let every plant go to seed so you can save for next year? Maybe you only grow organically (and that includes seeds)? Discuss your garden philosophy upfront. It will help down the road as crops and food become available. It’s good to be flexible with your garden and garden partners. Be patient. Be kind. Do unto others as you’d like them to do to you and so on and so forth. Have any concerns? Feel free to drop me a line.

Ready to grow?